Renowned internationally, Julie’s performances have been described as ‘dreamy beauty and pure sophistication’. As a dynamic woman full of energy and remarkable strength, she is passionate about adventures and disciplines that evoke strong emotions. 

She designed two solo acts allowing her creativity the freedom to explore, and her Cyr Wheel and Aerial Silk Act show exactly this. Designed as completely individual acts that can be showcased in the same show or event, they both show Julies bold character, capturing her audience’s attention and their hearts. Julie is also a member of the unique Aerial Cube Trio. An aerial dance performed with two partners. Emotionally powerful, these performances shine since 1998 at international special events, European cabarets, festivals, galas, TV shows and productions.  

While performing around the world in Russia, Germany, Thailand, China, Japan, Venezuela, France, Belgium, United Arabian Emirates, Qatar, Holland, Italy, Hungary, USA, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Danemark, Portugal, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Norway, Monaco and of course Canada, she likes to develop other assets and expand her repertoire collaborating and performing in special projects.


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Show conference for Julie’s school disctrict – École du Trivent
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