Julie Lavergne understood very early that being successful in a field as competitive as the circus arts meant aiming for excellence. This is why she set very precise goals for herself early on in her training: to maintain a positive attitude, to derive her motivation directly from her passion for the circus, to develop her independence, work ethic, and business savvy, etc. The achievement of these goals has allowed her to become a world-renowned artist and an accomplished businesswoman.

Today, Julie Lavergne wants to share her extensive experience and inspire others with this thirst for excellence by giving them tools that will enable them to achieve their goals themselves. By highlighting her story her know-how, her training in physical education and her experience, Julie hopes to transmit her vision of the world and show that our well-being is intimately intertwined with the priorities we set for ourselves, the extent to which physical activity is part of our daily routine, and most importantly, the way we balance the different areas of our lives.

Whether for a motivational speech in the workplace, an inspirational and interactive presentation for young people in school, or a performance conference for clients of all types, Julie Lavergne is able to instill in all audiences the desire to surpass themselves and persevere in making their passions become a reality.

Julie proposes ways to OPTIMIZE YOUR PERFORMANCE in entrepreneurship, school, and in your personal life through these topics: 

Performance is not determined by the number of medals that we win, neither the amount of money that we earn. It is determined by the number of actions we do which makes us proud of who we are. 

Julie Lavergne

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