It is truely the best program we have had in the past years » says a regular spectator in the audience. The performance of Julie Lavergne was high above any other performance I have seen
Pforzheimer Zeitung
One star of the Apollo-Sky is the Canadian artist Julie Lavergne with her fascinating Aerial acrobatic act and her perfection in the "Roue Cyr”. This is a ring in which the artist half hangs, half stands and flies to create an amazing spinning movement.
Düsseldorf, A. Keldenich
It is with emotion and strength that Julie Lavergne from Canada climbs in a long vertical silk, the act that kept the audience out of breath.
Lokales, Germany
Julie Lavergne's international Aerial Scarf act, is the ultimate in sophistication and style. This and any event at which it is presented will be remembered long after.
Westfallen Blatt, , Germany
In this special laser show, Julie Lavergne with her extraordinary “Roue Cyr” and Aerial Silk act, does not need any computer or laser effect to be a star.
Frank Kirschtein, Apollo Pressearchiv

Her beautiful show draws gasps and spontaneous applause... its professional beauty.


When Julie Lavergne steps on stage with her “Roue Cyr” she seized the audience attention. It is really simple, a huge Ring in which it becomes clear very fast that the pretty French Canadian shows an out of common body movement combination that creates her own art.

Theater Zeitung
The Aerial Cube Trio offered an impressive combination of trapeze and aerial dance.
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany
The acts of the Canadian Julie Lavergne are in the best acrobatic numbers that shine in the evening. Hanging very high in the air and without any security Julie incredibly flies and hangs in her white aerial Tissue. Julie Lavergne's Aerial Tissue  is in the highlights of the new program.
Corinna Wolber

Le Trio Cube Aérien s'illustre en Chine

Trois artistes originaires de Québec ont remporté le Lion de bronze du Festival international de cirque de Wuqiao, en Chine, il y a quelques jours. À l’occasion de ce 11e prestigieux festival, qui regroupe les plus grands artistes du monde, le trio, composé de Geneviève Bérubé, Julie Lavergne et Geneviève Drolet, s’est distingué par leur numéro de cube aérien. Cette année, 32 numéros provenant de 15 pays ont été sélectionnés pour faire partie de l’événement. Les performances de toutes disciplines de cirque ont été jugées par 12 jurés internationaux reconnus dans le monde du cirque.

Hubert Lapointe



Julie Lavergne Cyrwheel
Julie Lavergne- Show Interview 2013
Julie Lavergne - Roue Cyr GOP Quebec 2nd Avenue
CeBIT 2008 Arcor Show - von Karl-Heinz Helmschrot
roue cyr Nespresso julie Lavergne / Luc Petit director
Artistgalla 2009 - Julie Lavergne
Tissus Duo presented by Julie Lavergne
Femmes de mérite - Catégorie Arts et culture: Julie Lavergne
Supertalent 2014 Julie Lavergne mit dem Cyr-Rad

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